A community dedicated to educating, engaging, and inspiring students with learning differences.

Learning Begins With Us

Fairhill School is a community dedicated to educating, engaging, and inspiring students who have learning differences such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Disorder, or ADHD. The student-centered curriculum focuses on differentiation, multi-sensory experiences, executive function development, and intervention for individualized learning needs.

As a private, non-profit, college preparatory school serving grades 1-12, Fairhill fosters each student’s unique potential while guiding each one on their journey toward becoming a confident 21st-century citizen.



Fairhill places great importance on the basic skill areas of reading, mathematics, and language arts.

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Fairhill prepares students to meet future challenges. Each student’s unique talents and skills are fostered and encouraged.

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Fairhill Gala

Join us for an evening of fun and fellowship as Fairhill holds the Blue and Gold Gala and Auction.


Provides the community with a professional, full-service educational, and psychological assessment facility.

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Over the years, Fairhill has evolved into a premier college-preparatory school for bright students with learning differences.

Prospective Parents

Every child has dreams, dreams of a future filled with success. For learning-different students, those dreams can seem frustratingly far away.